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Forge Projects

Forge Parkside Centre

The Forge are currently working with BMBC and Developers to bring a brand new energy efficent community and sports venue to Parkside at Hoyland Common.

This new multi-million pound centre will provide a home to both existing and new sports and community activities.

The Rockingham Centre

A premier community venue that offers a wide variety of sport and social facilities for: conferences, social functions including wedding receptions, disco's, birthday parties, dances, Concerts, martial arts classes along with a number of sports.

Unique Me & Beyond

Offers a comprehensive participant led project. The primary objective of the work is to improve wellbeing and therefore reduce the negative health consequences associated with isolation, poverty and poor physical and mental health.

Elsecar by the Sea Gala

Our annual community gala held in early September provides the opportunity for individuals, families, groups and organisations to come together and celebrate their great works and have fun.

This free event as been held in Elsecar Park for over 15 years and is a proven community asset.

Hoyland Cap

The local area Community Access Point that provides a place on the Internet to celebrate and promote community activities and find out about the local community.

Hoyland Works 4U

A community website that provides support and resources for those seeking employment or career change. The information is local and relevant to Barnsley.

Health and Education Training

Supporting local people to develop their skills, self-esteem and their families future. A point of contact for people to discuss their future potential. Through none stigmatizes delivery that supports people on their learning journey.

Blacker Hill Hub

A highly prized community venue available for use by the wider community and current home to Little Explores Day Nursery and a Rural Post Office.

Our Venues

Rockingham Centre
Hoyland Common Community Centre home of the Forge
Cloughfields Community Centre
Blackerhill Life Long Learning Centre Blue dividing line